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A paradigm of System Thinking is a model of thought, a different way of seeing something already seemingly familiar.

Microsoft Architecture Review Board:
was impressed with the innovations in OpenFrame Framework"
(Microsoft Architecture Certification Session, Munich, Germany, May 2008)

About Us

OpenFrame Framework is not just an Information Technology (IT) architecture. This is a systematic approach to business process configuration and transformation, it is a strategic approach to organizational dynamics. Hence, OpenFrame Framework is a discipline to create Information Technology systems and business software applications.
The idea of OpenFrame goes back to 1996. The idea was to leverage IT experience that would be applicable and contributing to various business sectors, vectors, and industries an organization could be diversified into. This would mean design and implementation of such a software-based framework that would allow seamless and transparent expansion of business into different fields of operations. Unfortunately, until 2002 this adea was at embrion stage, most likely because the IT industry had not yet accumulated enough momentum to boost the idea's conceptual metamorphosis and embodiment. During this period the name of OpenFrame was used by several other companies: it is apparently easy to join words 'open' and 'frame': IT people always like word 'open' (who would use 'closed', really?). 'Frame'? Well... a part of a window, you know as in 'Windows'. Furthermore, in late 90's the word 'framework' became a new buzzword... IT people like buzzwords, right? And buzzwords are good for justification of actions while lacking enough expertise...
The first real-time version was designed and implemented by October 2003. A demo application created using the OpenFrame Framework allowed our client to successfully sell their global services to a new corporate customer.
These days we are implementing version 19.2 for one of the departments of the Government of Canada.

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Industries and Sectors We Work With

  • Software, Internet, & Other Computer-Related
  • Governments (Canada, U.S., U.K., NATO)
  • Transport & Aerospace
  • Marine & Waterways
  • Military & Defense
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Human Resources & Social Science
  • Business Management and Administration
  • Media and Design
  • Professional Training

OpenFrame and Business Intelligence

Today’s managers are faced with a general situation that has been continuously becoming more complex: organizations grow, develop new products, offer new services, acquire additional technologies. They often must deal with sophisticated competitors and more government interventions.
This complexity makes it less and less obvious how healthy or sick the organization is. This is not to say that to understand an organization, or to be able to help an organization to improve its effectiveness, one needs comprehensive answers to many questions.

What is needed is sensitivity to the potential relevance of interactions of specific elements and variables.

It is also useful to understand and distinguish patterns of such interactions in the three time frames: the short run – six days to six months; the moderate run – six months to six years; and the long run – six years to six decades. Using our systematic approach and profound knowledge of business efficiency we can make miracles, literally. OpenFrame Framework is not only for IT areas. Since IT business is just a part of general business concepts, OpenFrame Framework serves any aspect of business.
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