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A paradigm of System Thinking is a model of thought, a different way of seeing something already seemingly familiar.

Microsoft Architecture Review Board:
was impressed with the innovations in OpenFrame Framework"
(Microsoft Architecture Certification Session, Munich, Germany, May 2008)

Professional Services We Provide

At one point our professional resources became so good with delivering IT solutions that we decided to extend our expert practices to providing our clients and partners with non-IT professional services, contracting, and procurement.

One thing all managers know is that many of their best ideas never get put into practice. Brilliant strategies fail to get translated into action. Systematic insights never find their way into operating policies. This situation stems not from weak intentions or non-systematic understanding but from mental models.
The problem with mental models lie not in whether they are right or wrong – by definition, all models are simplifications. The problem with mental models arises when the models are tacit – when they exist below the level of awareness.
Because people remain unaware of their mental models, the models remain unexamined. Because the models remain unexamined, they remain unchanged. As the world changes, a gap widens between mental models and reality.
IT industry is especially vulnerable because all companies look to each other for standards of "best" practices. Such outdated reinforcement of mental models occurs in majority of North American companies that still provide mediocre quality in the name of controlling costs.

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Automated RFP Procurement

Since we know what we are doing in both IT field and Government RFP Procurement, we decided to leverage our IT expertise and to design and build a software product that is going to automate our process of RFP analysis, procurement and generation of proposals.

How We Are Planning to Do That

The idea is simple. When one proposal after another look basically the same, contain the same parts and sections, and, what's more, have the same procurement process with the same steps... well, a good IT specialist can see an opportunity to automate and unify the entire process.
RFP information and requirements are collected, and requirements matrixes (qualification grids) can be generated with one click of a button. Mandatory and rated criteria are used to find suitable candidates. The Matrixes are filled with their project experience automatically.
Of course there is still a human factor but it is minimal intervention for final verification.
The entire proposal with all the technical, financial and certification parts is finally generated in full and ready to be submitted.
The solution will also perform an RFP feasibility study right after an RFP is received. It will automatically analyze requirements, resources required, security clearance requirements, potential competitors, etc. So that we know from the beginning whether we should spend time and effort, or abandon it right there.

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