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A paradigm of System Thinking is a model of thought, a different way of seeing something already seemingly familiar.

Microsoft Architecture Review Board:
was impressed with the innovations in OpenFrame Framework"
(Microsoft Architecture Certification Session, Munich, Germany, May 2008)


Information Technologies - Application Development - Software Architecture

OpenFrame™ Technologies teams are groups of highly qualified Business and IT consultants. We specialize in unique Business Development and Management, Business Architecture, N-Tier Software Architecture and full life-cycle business development of distributed Management System, Networks and Security, utilizing business management methodologies, systematic structures, and Kanban Just-In-Time Management practices to deliver even critical and problem projects before the timelines and under the budget.

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Free Application Development for Our Clients

From time to time we offer free pilot projects for our partners and clients.

Pilot Projects

Pilot projects are typically 3-month short full life-cycle projects that involve business application development with Web Pages or Windows Forms client, a Business Layer component, a Data Access Layer, and a database modelled and deployed either on SQL Server or Oracle.
We do it for several reasons, particularly to acquire customers' references and feedback, and to train our staff, expand expertise and enhance experience of our IT specialists.

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